“Prepare the ways of the Lord, make straight his ways.” (Matthew 3:3) As John the Baptist prepared his ways the first time, we are ready to prepare his ways the second time, preparing for the return of our Redeemer.

We will achieve this by going door to door and interesting them about books, posting articles or books by “Ellen G. White”.

The mission of spreading the Gospel is to preach the good news of the Salvation of Jesus and the Law of God. God’s law is the foundation of all reformation. It is the channel that leads us to faith. In it, the Sabbath in the 4th commandment is the one that reminds us of the rest of the Creator, which makes our thoughts awaken and turn them to our creator.

The world is asleep, it is sleeping, the Messengers of the Books are responsible with the Distributors, to wake up the sleeping ones and put the messages contained in the books of the Spirit of Prophecy from house to house around the world.

We need hundreds of men who are starting to bring light to the towns, villages and cities. We need well-chosen professional salesmen, not wanderers, not useless jobs, but men and women with addresses, skills far-sighted and capable, not arrogant

Evidence of the Church Vol.4 pp.389-390

“Despatch from one house to another, the work is finished and we go home”