Adventist Possibility

Adventist Possibility Ministries was formerly known as Special Needs Ministries (SNM). The crippled were also among those for whom Jesus shed his blood. They have different gifts and are precious in God’s eyes. The Seventh-day Adventist Church takes care of them spiritually and helps them in any way possible.

a “movement”, not a “program”, guided by the Holy Spirit to help us see through the eyes of a loving God the strengths and possibilities of seven unique people groups:

We Are APM, affirming that:

  • All are gifted, needed, and treasured.
    • People go where they are welcomed but stay where they are valued.
    • Value is inherent through Creation and not determined by what a person can or cannot do.
    • Each person is unique and has a God-given purpose.
    • Included in that purpose is the call to enrich the lives of others which flows out of a sense of gratitude for what they have received.

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