The Kabuga District was established in 2007, from the Rukomo Evangelical District. At its inception, the district had 2027 believers who prayed in 11 churches and companies, located in 4 sectors namely Gatunda, Kiyombe, Karama and Tabagwe. Despite its humble beginnings, the district has seen significant growth in terms of organization and membership over the years. Currently, the district has 6157 believers, 12 churches, and 14 companies.

The Kabuga district operates in four sectors, consisting of 104,989 people on an area of 280 km² (Based on the 2012 census), namely Gatunda, Kiyombe, Karama, and Tabagwe. The growth and development of the Kabuga Evangelical District is a testament to the hard work and dedication of its pastors, leaders, and members, who have worked diligently to spread the word of God and the gospel in this region. The district’s establishment is a clear indication of the effectiveness of the ministry and the impact that it has had on the community.

  • Gatunda sector has a population of 27,879
  • Karama sector has a population of 26,879
  • Kiyombe Sector has a population of 17,061
  • Tabagwe sector has a population of 33,322.

The number of Adventists in the Gatunda sector is relatively low, as the ratio of Adventist to the general population is low with only 5 believers per 100 people. This indicates that the number of Adventists in the area is not enough, as there is only an average of 3 Adventists per square kilometer. The task ahead is broad, and to achieve it, the church prays for the Lord’s guidance and provision to be able to carry out his will and complete the work.

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