The Bugaragara District has a long history dating back to its establishment on 14/05/2011, when it was created as a split from the Matimba District. The early years of the district were marked by the organization of 6 churches and 5 companies, with a small but dedicated group of members. Through the years, the district has grown and expanded, with an increase in membership and the establishment of new churches and companies. Today, the district has 12 churches, 3 companies, and approximately 6688 members.

This district operates in 3 sectors: Rwimiyaga, Matimba and Nyagatare, which together have a population of slightly more than 85000 people. However, the number of church members is relatively small compared to the population of the sectors with an average of 8 members per 100 inhabitants. The district’s growth and organization over the years is a testament to the hard work and dedication of its pastors, leaders, and members, who have worked to bring the light of the gospel to the people of the Bugaragara District in accordance with the teachings of the Bible and the principles of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Nyakagando 2
Nyakagando church
Gakoma 1
Gakonma Church