Our Field

The North East Rwanda Field (NERF) of Seventh-day Adventists is a sub-entity of the Rwanda Union Mission which oversees the Church’s work in portions of three districts: Nyagatare, Gatsibo, and a portion of Kayonza. The North Eastern Rwanda Field (NERF), in its east borders with the Republic of Tanzania, in the north of the Republic of Uganda, in the south there is the South Eastern Field of Rwanda (SERF), to its west is the East Central Rwanda Field (ECRF), and to the North West is the North Rwanda Field (NRF).

NERF originated from Field that was overseeing the eastern province and the city of Kigali which was called East Rwanda Field (ERF). In 2011, it was splitted into two and get East Rwanda Field which took the name ERF, with 81,697 believers. The remaining parts renamed East Central Rwanda Field with its headquarters in Kigali City Nyarugenge District, led by Pastor NDWANIYE Isaac. From that year, when the Field was born, God did his work in a wonderful way, and there was an increase of believers in a way that was gradually amazing.

By the end of 2017, six years later, it had reached 162,855 believers, twice the number it had started with. That was mainly due to the TMI program in 2016, where the addition the baptized members was 25,891 Field made remarkable history in Evangelism, NERF had the most baptized members in Rwanda Union Mission . Then at the end of that year it was split; begotten a South East Rwanda Field (SERF) based in Ngoma District, with 94,165 believers led by Pastor NGIRINSHUTI Samuel

At The same time, the North East Field (NERF) based in Nyagatare District with 68,960 believers within evangelical district numbered to 16, led by Pastor Ngamije Dan. Now after four years we have reached 90,000 believers, and we have seven new Evangelism districts projects that are going to be born soon and to be added. Glory be to God for His work.

However, history reminds us that NERF started having problems finding a place to work, without workers’ quarters, without tools and other necessities of work. Because of God’s plan to expand the work, we have never been discouraged because of the great work that has been done there. We started by renting a Field offices, we rent the houses of the field officers (President, Executive, and Treasurer) not forgetting the houses of other employees for running the field office works
Pioneers of the field especially the OFFICERS THAT LED NERF were

Officers that led NERF initially:

President: Pr. Ngamije Dan
Executive Secretary: Pr. Ntampaka Reuben
Treasure: Niyomugaba Etienne

Because of God’s help in these four years that Field has been in existence, we have hurried up to build the Offices, the residence house for workers even though not yet all, now we have a good offices not rented one, the Field office are dwelling in the beautiful residences house, there other three house in progress, God has done a work in this field both in building churches and half of the district leader who are now in church residences house and others will have them in the near future.

I appreciate the Department ministries that have helped us achieve these things that Field has achieved in such a short time. We can say that the Youth Ministries Department has played a major role in these activities using their hands and resources. Women ministries and Choir Members in church all long, not to mention the Office staff in headquarters, are involved in gardening and planting trees to change the look of field workplace and safe environment of the premises.

Everything was achieved in the unity and love that God’s children have for His service.

Finally, I ask God to continue to honor himself, to continue to work in the men and women of NERF to continue to be united and serve their Lord because the work is wide

EMM 5552

Pr. Ngamije Dan

North East Rwanda Field President