Projects In Progress

The North East Field of Rwanda is making every effort to develop itself. The three other Field Workers’ houses are soon to be finished thanks to the assistance of the youth and women departments. There are three pastors’ residences that are now under construction and will be finished soon. In addition to the renovation of the older temples, new ones are also being built. We pray that God would be with us now as he was in the past.

Update: Nyagatare Church Tower

Greetings, brothers and sisters in Christ! It is with great joy that I share with you the progress o…

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Update: Nyagatare University Church

We are delighted to share that progress is being made on the construction of Nyagatare University Ch…

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Update: NERF Staff Residence

Good news for NERF as the construction work for three buildings that will house its field staff is s…

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NERF Staff Residence

Thanks to the help of the youth and women’s departments, the three more officers’ accomm…

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