Camp Meeting 2023: Return to me, and I will return to you

Information August 19, 2023

“Return to Me, and I Will Return to You,” from the Bible in Malachi 3:7, is what this gathering is all about. It’s a reminder to pause and reconnect with God in our busy lives.

In a world full of things to do, this theme is about finding our way back to where we started with God. It’s like remembering where we come from and what we believe.

Think about a lost child finding their way back home to their family. This theme is like that—it’s about us finding our way back to God’s love, no matter how far we might have gone.

The theme “Return to Me, and I Will Return to You” is about becoming strong again. It’s like a fresh start where we can feel God’s love and forgiveness in our hearts.

This theme isn’t just about one person. It’s about all of us together. It’s like we’re a big family, and we’re all trying to be better and closer to God.

As the Seventh-Day Adventist Church Camp Meeting happens with the words “Return to Me, and I Will Return to You,” it’s a time to remember that coming back to God is a good thing. In the beautiful land of North East Rwanda, we’re reminded to find new energy in our faith, to get closer to God, and to support each other as we walk this journey together. Just like finding our way back home, finding our way back to God’s love brings us peace, hope, and a sense of belonging.

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